Catalyst collaborators

What does it mean to be a collaborator?

Collaborators are any individuals or organisations who help bring about the Catalyst collective vision. Contributions are varied but include: identifying and collating data about the needs of civil society; contributing resources (time, expertise, funding), and creating solutions that respond to charities' needs. Being a Catalyst collaborator means that you are committed to the vision and principles that are defined in this Charter. Your name will be published on the Catalyst website and you will have access to Catalyst branded assets to use on any work that you are contributing to the wider Catalyst network. As a collaborator, you are welcome to publicise that you are part of the Catalyst network. Collaborators are committed to upholding these principles, and where they are contributing to particular Catalyst initiatives, reporting back to the network and sharing the learnings from those initiatives.

Who can become a collaborator ?

We are seeking to build and engage as diverse a network of potential collaborators as possible. Collaborators are a mix of:
  • Government agencies
  • Support organisations
  • Charities
  • Social sector specialists
  • Topic specialists (e.g. safeguarding, volunteer management, ED&I, ethics)
  • Funders
  • Digital, data and design teams (from here on referred to as digital partners).
The bulk of collaborators we’re looking to work with for the rest of 2020 and into early 2021 will be Digital Partners working alongside charities to form Digital Teams to work on specif challenges. Digital partners will help charities understand and respond to urgent challenges through discovery and development sprints. Challenges vary greatly to encourage a diverse mix of digital partners to get involved. To see what opportunities are currently open, please check our Open Projects page [include link].

Ways for collaborators to contribute to the network

There are many ways to be involved. You will find a full overview on our website. Here you will also find a list of our current collaborators.
We are always keen to talk to new collaborators. Contact us on [email protected]