To support straightforward and consistent reporting for all our digital partner projects we will use the systems and tools described below.
As part of their contract with us, digital partners will be responsible for capturing the outputs, outcomes and impact of their project.

Ochre - for core monitoring and reporting

Built by CAST, Ochre is a web application that shows the status of all the work that’s happening across the Catalyst network. We use it to track objectives and key results. Digital partners will be expected to update their progress during and at the end of the project.
Ochre is the tool that Catalyst uses to monitor activity, share learning and report key metrics to funders across all Catalyst-funded initiatives. It is set up using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that are aligned to the Catalyst vision and mission.


Playbacks are short 30 to 50 minute presentations facilitated by digital partners to a wider stakeholder group (this will be different for each playback and might include CAST staff members, other organisations and digital partners interested in the challenge, and funders).
Playbacks follow a structured approach and this template slide deck will be used for all projects.
Topics covered in a playback:
  • Problem - Recap of the problem / challenge
  • Learning - How we got to our solution / insight gained
  • Journey - A brief explanation of your journey from the initial problem to the solution you came up with
  • Key findings that led to important decisions and changes, as well as insights which may influence future work on the problem
  • Solution - Summary of our solution / insight gained
  • What’s next - What further plans do you have for your solution in the coming months?
  • Biggest programme learnings

Service Recipes

To help charities and social enterprises to work together and learn from each other we have created 'Service Recipes' to enable them to share their knowledge around common services and practices that already exist and work.
This promotes re-use and creates a place for charities to learn from others about the services they offer, for inspiration or straight-forward implementation.
We will ask digital partners to write their own 'Service Recipe' to share the amazing things they create, to the benefit of the network.