We use standard services agreements (or contracts) for our collaborators and partners. The main terms of Collaborator services agreements with CAST are the following:
  • Digital partners will enter contractual agreements with CAST;
  • Digital partners work with CAST as independent contractors;
  • Digital partners can't enter into other contractual agreements on CAST's behalf. For example, you can’t commit CAST to a third-party subscription service;
  • When we agree digital partners’ work, Value Added Tax needs to be included in the digital partners’ fee (if applicable);
  • CAST will not be legally responsible for any of the acts or omissions of a digital partner working under a contract with us. Our standard services agreement includes an indemnity clause for a digital partner
  • Digital partners need to obtain and maintain insurance cover throughout the duration of their contract with CAST. This will be at the digital partners’ cost and will also allow you to cover the indemnity clause mentioned above;
  • Confidentiality is important. In our services agreement, there is a standard clause stating that anything learned through CAST or relating to the work done for CAST is confidential unless explicitly agreed;
  • Digital partners must read and agree to our Equality and Diversity Policy and Safeguarding Policy; and,
  • CAST has the right to terminate digital partner contracts in certain scenarios. Digital partners should familiarise with those scenarios which are described in the services agreement.
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